digerati / people with expertise or professional involvement in information technology

web design

with photography and videography

A custom website and matching email address with a corresponding social media presence will provide your business or enterprise with a professional online profile. Combining with custom photography and videography takes this to the next level, creating a more personable and engaging user experience, setting your business apart from competitors.

  • 1 to 1 process understanding your ideas and goals
  • Input on all stages of the development
  • Responsive website design and creation
  • Bespoke photography┬á
  • Custom videos
  • Advertising and Facebook promotions
Website Domain Illustration Free Vector KNRS [Converted]


  • Fixing, maintaining and improving your current uses of IT
  • Implementing new IT systems into your workflow – electronic signing, record keeping, customer interactions
  • choosing, sourcing and setup of new equipment 
  • Fixing existing equipment 


  • Getting your tech working the way you want it too
  • Troubleshooting small to big problems
  • Impartial advice on buying phones, laptops, tablets, All things electronic
  • Setup, installation and configuration


hi, my names Sam and I live and work in Bedford, specifically Great Denham. I’ve worked around IT for 10 years and use this breadth of experience here at Digerati. IT can be easy, it can also be tricky and downright infuriating. I aim to bridge the gap between you and technology, understanding your problem or objective and how to actually get it done. Wether its building and establishing an online presence with websites and social media or making any of your tech, home or work, do the things it should, or might be able to do. I can help you simplify technology and make it work!

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