Making the IT in your business work more efficiently, and work for you. Good quality IT systems save you time, save you money, enhance your professionalism and help your business grow. I offer a friendly one to one service aiming to streamline, fix, improve, and add to your existing systems. 

it repairs

Have you previously invested in IT systems that should be performing better, or once performed well that now seem slow and unresponsive? Most problems can be quickly solved by sitting down with an IT professional who has taken the time to understand what you and your business need. Whether it is a repair, upgrade, or just a tutorial to get you to understand better your technology, time spent here can make day to day operations immeasurably simpler!

new systems

Adding more technology can streamline your day to day operations, making previously complicated tasks easier and bringing them into the 21st century. Electronic document distribution and signing, tablet computers for the workplace, cloud storage of documents and digitisation of operations. This can save you money, time and stress so you can focus on whats important to your business. Have an idea of something you want to streamline or a problem you think could be solved with some technology? Please get in touch

buying advice

Don’t waste money on the wrong equipment, tech thats overpriced, poor quality, too many features or known to be problematic. Impartial advice on what and where to source as well as setup and installation services if required. Buy the right things the first time.